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from 50 days/year: -5% and from 12 days/event: -3%

Hire includes:

  • Transport of the RIB to the location of your event
  • The boat will be inflated, cleaned and positioned where you require.
  • Obligatory insurance
  • Yamaha engines, maintained each day
  • Security lock, chain and anchor
VSR ribs
ribs-vsrOur head office in Barcelona offers an European wide boat hire service. Whatever the challenge, whatever the championship requirements, we’ll put the RIB in water and ready to go.

We have a wealth of experience in competition at all levels (World, European, Olympic, national regattas…). Our team of sailors, coaches and team managers have the knowledge to understand every requirement. Our boats are ideal for any sailing vessel: Optimist, 420, 29er, 49er, Europa, Laser, RSX, 470, Finn, 505…

They also combine perfectly with models such as the Melges 24, Melges 32, Soto 40, TP 52, RC 44, X35, J80. They allow easy transportation of all your equipment across the waves. And of course they’re perfectly suited for group usage, whether it’s safety crews, teams of event judges, timing staff, guided tours, press, VIPs,…


vsr-renting-ribsVSRS are remarkably light on the water.
The VSR is the inflatable of choice for numerous international and Olympic federations and for the most luxurious cruise companies.
Selected specifically for its numerous advantageous features by coaches, sailing instructors, regatta officials, sponsors and sailing crews, the VSR is also a great choice for the casual client who just wants a day out at sea.

The VSR is designed and built to the highest standards
Constructed with a vacuum infused vinylester of the highest calibre, the VSR benefits from the durability, resistance and light weight of its materials, allowing comfortable and secure sailing
VSR boats are designed to allow safe work at sea (featuring harness hooks, tow post and safety enhanced seat design).
VSR permits easy usage of reduced capacity engines.
With the savings made in the weight of the vessel due to intelligent design, less fuel is required courtesy of lower cylinder engines.
VSR RIBS are easy to control. The design of the boat means you’re less likely to injure your knees, back or hips when you’re at the helm. Design also allows easy entry into the water and less splash back across the waves (it’s genuinely noticeable once you’ve experienced it), whilst the engine’s propeller does not leave the water even at high speed.

Unbeatable comfort during usage. Whether you’re heading into the waves or riding them, you’ll even be able to film or take photos comfortably (even at high speeds). The VSR is superior to any other equivalent boat on the market and is an asset to anyone working at sea.
The VSR was first released on the Spanish market in 2006 having been gradually released in various American, Asian, European and Australasian markets since 2003.

It was present in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the Beijing 2008 Games and the London 2012 Games, whilst the international federations of Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Slovenia are also using the boat.
The Spanish Royal Sailing Federation have been using the VSR since 2007, whilst the Spanish Paralympic and Olympic Trials crews are also training with the boat.

On the international scene in general the VSR has been the number one choice since 2003, including at the 2007 ISAF World Championships, the aforementioned Olympics and the 2008-2012 SOF Hyeres competitions. We have also been the suppliers to the best cruise competitions (TP 52, RC 44, GP 42,…).


lanchas-vsr-alquilerCHECK OUR HIRE PRICES !!!

Do not hesitate to enquire for our special prices per days or per events.
We have three models of choice designed for sailing clubs, diving, sailing or fishing excursions, for federations or for individual use:

VSR RIB F10 or 5.0 – ideally suited to accompany all types of boats, for towing laser dinghies (up to six Laser dinghies at a time without causing engine problems), with sufficient space to carry back-up equipment. Ideal for working alongside boats such as Optimist, 420, Laser, Europa models.

VSR RIB 5.8r – Designed by experts from the UK’s Royal Yachting Association (RYA).
This model is wider, more reinforced and with larger inflatable sections and with a series of added extras.
According to English technical experts, “This is the best semi-rigid inflatable vessel currently in use”.
Our suppliers and partners provide material of the highest specifications.
Harken, Elan, Yamaha, and Harbeck trailers, offering the highest quality products and the best possible support for semi-rigid VSR boat hire.
Your safety at sea is assured.
The VSR stamp of quality means we offer an unbeatable level of service to our clients.