Transport, safety & lead time

We handle our Transports, why not yours too?

We handle Transports

Since the beginning, at RR (Renting Ribs) we use to handle our own rib’s transport, so we do know how important it is to control this point.

That experience allows us to transport your Ribs/Dinguies too. We know they are your tools to achieve your high goals and you want them in perfect conditions at the precise moment of the Event, this is why:

    • We prepare our Logistics at least 3 monthes before the Event
    • Taking care of our transport fleet of Vans and double/single trailers is “a must”
    • We are able to transport any dinghy boat and study other non-current movements
    • Checking and Carefully packing is in our “top list” in every transport
    • Our professional drivers can pick-up & drop your trailer/van to any Europe place

Drive or fly safely from/to your country, We’ll do for you the connections and the heavy route, from our Warehouse or from elsewhere you order.

Request us for our rates and dedicated prices for each kind of transport, no matter you need to move a Laser, a Rib, a trailer with a Rib, a trailer with dinghies, a Van with trailer…

We also can arrange Containers Worldwide

Containers worldwide

One of the strongest RR´s skills is Container´s handling, and not only load & unload but everything it should concern.

So we became a true Sailing Logistics Company because we can prepare what you need to forward/receive Worldwide:

    • Docs and statements in each side of the trip (including Shippers tracing)
    • Complete info & control of the packing list and schedulling
    • Professionally Load & unload your equipment for a long way
    • We have the tools: forklift, landing ramp, trolleys.. and our “RR know-how”
    • In addition, We can fleet big trucks for Teams or for Special Events

Along each operation in our Warehouse, we control every equipment, boat, trailer, stuff.. which it is set with an Unique ID stamp when arriving, so always you may refer to it, when leaving as well.

Request us for our rates, you will probably be surprised on how much easy is it for us this work, and how many time you lose in these procedures actually.