Why VSR?


  • Renting Ribs has it clear; if we want to give the best service may only be with the best material.
  • The best coachboat on the market without any doubt, all coaches want a VSR.
  • VSR F10, VSR 5.0, VSR 5.8R or VSR 6.0C depending on your preferences. Each boat is equipped with a Yamaha engine revised and in perfect working order.
  • When weather conditions become difficult is when everybody looks and admiring the blue coach boats.
  • Winds above 30 knots? No matter, our coach boats glides over the sea without any difficulty.
  • Waves 2 meters against? You will glide over the waves safely and comfortable.

*All coaches, buoy tenders, juries, rescuers know that, to work professionally there is nothing better than a VSR coachboat.