The global nautical base

Don’t worry for anything, just come and sail.

The global nautical base

Don’t worry for anything, just come and sail.

Renting Ribs is the new concept of Nautical Base!

Renting Ribs is the principal European company specialized in the Olympic Circuit of Dinghy sailing. RR has 1.500 m2 facilities in the Barcelona metropolitan area. We offer a wide selection of services and products.

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Get rid of distractions, maintenance, and unexpected costs by hiring one of our top-of-the-line SALTHOUSE or VSR ribs. Choose from the 5.8R or 6.2R SALTHOUSE model, or the F10, 5.8R, or 6.0 VSR model. Simply fly or drive to the venue and let us take care of the rest – we’ll have the rib in the water and ready to go, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience.


Store your boat, rib, and other Sailing items in our spacious 1,500m2 warehouse for short or long periods. We’ll handle the gear and offer budget-friendly, trailer/engine maintenance or boat repair services if needed. Plus, our location is conveniently close to major highways and the airport in Barcelona.


As a company specializing in nautical transportation, we have the expertise to efficiently plan the logistics for transporting your equipment to any event and collecting it afterwards. We can also handle container and lorry shipments for groups or teams worldwide.

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